Wakepro new catalog 2022
Wakepark obstacle

Double welded .

Strategic points of every obstacle are welded from both sides by a certificated workers, which reflects in higher durability and comfort of use.

Training wakeboard series

Training wakeboard series .

New training series.  Get 50% discount on them.

Rooftop - Wakepro - rider: Wiktor Warzecha

Warranty .

We give 5 year warranty on all our features. We undertake post warranty services and repairs if required.

Custom Obstacles .

Individual approach to designing feature allows us to realize every idea.

Pool Wakeboards Obstacle - Wake Zone Stawiki


Using an UV stabilized HDPE ensures long-lasting high comfort of use.

Wakepark Katalog elements

New Catalog V03 .

The latest catalog of Wakepro wakeboard obstacles! See what new we have prepared this time. Brand new product series have appeared, such as Training and Flowparks. Write to us and ask for the PRE ORDER 2020 v3 price list.

WakePro - wakepark obstacles

It all begun 17 years ago, when from passion for extreme sports Techramps company was established. Mainly thanks to foundation formed by Techramps, in the following 8 years since the beginning, 10 brands had arisen with common ground of extreme sports. One of these brands is Wakepro.

We are proud that we have created Wakepro together
We are proud that we have created Wakepro together – brand which the greatest value are people.  When you enter our office, you feel the atmosphere instantly. Designers and salesmen are active riders, you can meet production and assembly employees on wakepark after work as well. Despite the fact that company we are part of, right now is quite big, our team remains collective. Techramps Group has been on the market for 17 years and it is having over 60 employees at the moment. We specialise in designing and production of sports facilities of XXI century.

Under the brand Wakepro we have manufactured over 300 wakeboard obstacles for around 50 wakeparks
We always start cooperation with our client from conversation and getting known with his needs and possibilities. We have huge experience, which we use for advising and finding perfect solution for customer. That is why we are open for unconventional solutions, individual concepts adjusted for vision and conditions of concerned wakepark. Thanks to our design office SLO Concept we have possibility to not only provide obstacles but also to design all facility with extended and diversified infrastructure. Our concepts and completed realizations are consulted with active riders, often with those from the top international and domestic level. We create ideas and  improvements together, what makes, that our obstacles are rated as the one of the best all around the world. It gives us more and more motivation. 

In Wakepro we begin our work on consulting stage
Quality which we are achieving would not be possible without comprehensive approach. In Wakepro we begin our work on consulting stage. On the next step, client receive visualisations of obstacles, which allow him to see how exactly order will look like. On this stage are made precise technical calculations, which provide assurance that using of concerned sport facility will be safe and comfortable. Thanks to the advanced model of designing, all parameters of obstacles like angles, immersion, stability are precisely the same, in reality and on the screen. During this phase forces acting on obstacles and their elements are taking into account, in order to sustainability of them, which allows to last our products for many years. Accepted concept goes to the team of our CAD designers, which are preparing production drawings. After finishing production stage, obstacles are going to our assembly team. They precisely set and test obstacles on wakepark track, what is the end of the whole process. From the concept to the obstacles ready to use, our team is taking care of all the steps and details.

We want to be innovators developing branch
And now, we are still pushing forward. We do not want to stop. We are not afraid of trying new solutions and we still have energy to make progress. We learn from each other, from our friends which are achieving medals on the biggest wakeboards competitions, but also from our clients for whom wakeboard is lifestyle. We hardly believe that achieving maximum is possible thanks to cooperation and following the passion. Those are the quiding principles for whole group, that is why you will hear about the new brand of Techramps Group really soon.

More than 1000sport facilities in the world as Techramps Group


See our realizations

More than 1000sport facilities in the world as Techramps Group

See our realizations